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Macrodyne's pulp baling and slab presses (bale-forming machines) are designed to surpass the Pulp & Paper Industry's stringent requirements for consistent and uniform bale weight, shape, and density. Macrodyne will meet your specification and exceed your expectations - we will listen, work with you, and ensure you get what you need.


Macrodyne presses are manufactured in North America and are installed and supported around the globe. Presses are available in standard configurations, or our engineering team can enthusiastically custom design a solution to your exact specifications. Bale and Slab Press designs feature modern, process-specific PLC-based control systems with user-friendly and multi-language touchscreen graphics-based color displays. These state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems offer advanced fault diagnostics, full process configuration, remote diagnostics, and more.

Using servo-controlled material handling, advanced hydraulic controls and dynamic variable-speed motion, our presses improve throughput while maintaining bale tolerances, at rates up to and exceeding 450 bales per hour.

Standard Configurations

    • 450 Metric Ton– Slab Press for bale-forming of flash dried pulp

    • 600 Metric Ton– Bale Press

    • 1,200 Metric Ton– Bale Press

    • 2,500 Metric Ton– Bale Press

Custom Presses - Designed to your specific application

    • 100 to 5,000 Metric Ton Presses - Get exactly what you need

    • Double-Wide with Dual-Feed– Maximize throughput

    • Floor Mounted - No pit needed

    • Custom Fit - Use your existing pit

    • Low Ceiling and Stubby Designs– Fits within your building

    • PLCs, Hydraulics, and Hardware Options - AB, Siemens, Rexroth, Parker, and others

    • UL, CE, CSA - and other manufacturing and safety standards

Looking for a Turnkey Solution?

Macrodyne presses can be integrated into a new or existing bale line. We work with our industry partners to integrate upstream and downstream automation and ancillary equipment to offer full bale line solutions including:

  • Bale / Stack Manipulation and Handling Systems

  • Integrated Conveyors

  • Bale Retention: Wire, Paper Strap or Adhesive

  • Bale Wrapping

  • Stenciling and Printers

  • Robotic Bale Stacking

  • Custom Solutions

State-of-the-Art Control & Monitoring Systems

Advanced manifold and logic valve technology incorporating proportional control and efficient direct drive pump / motor groups. Control systems feature advanced fault diagnostics, full configuration of all machine parameters, and operational status.

150, 300 and 450+ bales per hour

Using cutting-edge servo-based material handling techniques, solutions can be engineered for production rates approaching 600 bales per hour.

Remote Diagnostics for the most Remote Locations - we understand that pulp mills are not located just around the corner and with easy access to qualified technicians - that's why we supply every pulp baling and slab press with a pair of HoloLens and an initial subscription to Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. These tools will empower your service people to solve problems faster the first time. With heads-up, hands-free video calling on the HoloLens, your technicians can collaborate with remote experts at Macrodyne to troubleshoot issues in context. Please Click Here for more information and a short video.



Macrodyne has worked on and rebuilt many of the old legacy bale presses that have kept mills running for decades. We have experience with legacy equipment from companies such as Dominion Engineering, Hepburn, Sunds Defibrator, Baldwin, Burrard, Kamyr, Washington Iron Works, Rauma Repola, that are no longer in business or providing direct service to your area. We have the knowledge, the expertise, and the capacity to solve your problems. We understand that not everyone is in the market for a new press, sometimes the old one must do for the time being. If this is your situation, we would love the opportunity to help you keep your old presses running.

Service and rebuilds to all models, no matter who the original manufacturer was.


We Offer:

Complete Rebuilds

Hydraulic Upgrades

Safety Upgrades

Electrical and Controls Upgrades

Spare Parts

Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance

Emergency Service

Press Evaluations

Macrodyne is happy to work directly with end-users, integrators, dealers, or agents. Contact us today for a quote.

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